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Contact Information

If you expected to find Paris Hilton here at .tel you just missed her. Just kidding of course! She has never been here and lives somewhere else. Try the following place but don't expect to be able to contact her. We ain't that special!
Paris Hilton Feed for Her website!
Or maybe her myspace page. You can leave a comment that she will never read or reply to.
She has also been known to frequent Facebook so maybe give her a try here.!/parishilton?v=wall
Now if your into the whole tweeting thing then you might try here. You can read her tweets and fantasize about how wonderfull it must be to know her.
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More Information

More Information
Business Address – Paris Hilton's Modeling Agency
Ford Models ,
8826 Burton Way,
Beverly Hills, CA 90211,
Business Address – Use the address below to send Paris fan mail.
Paris Hilton,
c/o Paris Hilton Entertainment,
250 North Canon Drive,
2nd Floor,
Beverly Hills CA,
Business information – Owner, Paris,Heiress,Hilton,Boss,
Paris Hilton Inc.
Business information – Paris has many Labels but I think of her as Princess numeral uno!
Paris Hilton Inc.
She is into Public and private Relationships
Paris works for the world and is known as the Heiress, Princess, Friend , Model, Singer, Actress, ect, ect.
Directory information – Fansite by Philip Scott? ♥ Disclaimer: Paris is in no way affiliated with Paris or her management. This is just a fan site for her. All images are copyright to their respective owners
Directory information – Paris Hilton, Paris, Heiress,Star,Pheiress,Heiress Hilton,Hotel Heiress,Paris Whitney Hilton,Hilton Heiress,
Directory information – Princess Paris Whitney Hilton
Paris is into everything! Perfume, clothing, jewelry, porn, music, modeling, TV, Movies and so much more!
I am not sure if Paris performs any services to anybody but her closest friends! And who knows where the service area is?
Salutation: Star, Princess, Heiress,
First name: Paris Whitney
Last name: Hilton
Nick name: or nickname "Pheiress"
Hobbies / Interests
Dancing, Tennis, Partying, Drinking, Sex, Traveling, Television, Photography, Fashion, Movies,Videos, Guys, Girls, Singing, Pot, Eating, Jail, Nightclubs, Pheiress, Swimming, Modeling, Hanging Out, Dogs, Charities, Being Famous, Soccer, Hobbies / Interests
Paris Hilton Links, Paris Hilton Relationships, Hobbies / Interests
Paris Hilton Perfume, Paris Hilton Shoes,Paris Hilton Blog, Paris Hilton Community, Paris Hilton Quotes, Paris Hilton Trivia, Paris Hilton Watches, Paris Hilton Videos, Paris Hilton Movies, Paris Hilton Hair Accessories, Paris Hilton Handbags, Hobbies / Interests
Paris Hilton,
Height: 5′8″,
Bust-waist-hips: 34-25-35,
Dress size: 4.
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